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Egypt country profile country facts capital main country facts population urbanization life expectancy unemployment rate population living below poverty cairo fastest growing population in the arab world 94. If not otherwise indicated, data refer to the year 2008. Families who partner with habitat egypt repay their loans and the repayments of these revolving loans are used to. Until mid20, no policy approach proved capable of overcoming the causes of the countrys crisis. Egypt may be a casebook study of autocracy and centralized, topdown decisionmaking from the pharaohs till now, but it also illustrates how elitist, defensive power structures lose touch with the people, who thus learn. Bachelor degree from a university level 5 pathway to degree edexcel btec level 5 hnd diploma year 2 ielts or equivalent bachelor degree from a higher institute edexcel btec. Health profile 2015 egypt 5 foreword the government of egypt and who are working together to effectively improve the public health situation in the country with special emphasis on the five key regional priorities. A subbasin of the northern interior basin is the qattara depression. Egypt consists of a large desert plateau, interrupted only by the nile river valley and delta, which constitute less. Contribute to sdsna2019globalindex development by creating an account on github.

Feb, 2016 in this episode i focus on the arab republic of egypt. Egypt ranked third for fifa world ranking men amongst former british colonies in 2006. Egypt has ranked last for average precipitation in depth mm per year since 1962. Africa egypt the world factbook central intelligence agency. Arabic is the official language and the only one widely understood across the entire country. One of the fascinating aspects of viewing earth at night is how well the lights show the distribution of people. Egypt country report 6 foreword the project manara network.

The oromo moved north through the southern highlands, bypasssing the sidama on the west, and into the central highlands, where they settled in the center and west on land, some. Country profile morocco unodc regional office for the middle east and north africa page 4 2. Figure 3 suggests that 4 countries are doing better than in egypt in terms of the relationship between growth and. As of 2017 the number of residents was estimated to have reached 92m. Country profile kenya kenya at a glance demography the kenyan population is growing rapidly, at an average of 3 per cent per year. The liberalization of the foreign exchange market, prudent monetary policy, and ambitious fiscal consolidation have helped stabilize the macroeconomic environment. The majority of egypt s population live in the nile valley the area next to the river. As of 20, egypt s proven oil reserves were estimated at 500 million tonnes.

Jun 15, 2005 a large river called the river nile flows through the country into the mediterranean sea. Egypt is the largest arab country and has played a central role in middle eastern politics in modern times. A country profile is an instant guide to the political, economic, demographic, industrial, and business environment of a market. Egypt embarked on a path of economic liberalization within its statecentered economy decades ago, with the. Egypt does have a homepage for their ministry of foreign affairs, based in new york. The office of public affairs opa is the single point of contact for all inquiries about the central intelligence agency cia. View images cairo, the capital of egypt, is one of the most populated cities in africa and the middle east. Australian education international noosr 2010 university university senior secondary school general secondary education certificate advanced technical diploma technical secondary education diploma technical secondary school primary education secondary school asic education certificate preschool technical institutes technical diploma.

Mar 01, 20 the countrys last 150 years instead reflect a dynamic process, part of the greater human quest for fair selfgovernance. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Africa egypt the world factbook central intelligence. The capital city of cairo lies at the apex of the delta in the middle of the scene. Egypt is the thirdmostpopulous country in africa and the 15th worldwide, according to world bank figures. Sep 10, 2016 exotic, enigmatic and with a history dating back five millennia, egypt invokes a spirit of adventure in all who visit. For over four decades, the american people have partnered with the people of egypt to promote an environment where all groups in egyptian society can lead healthy, productive lives.

Contemplating the iconic names associated with the country cleopatra, moses and alexander the great, to name a few goes some way to understanding the massive historical importance of this fascinating country. Food and agriculture organization of the united nations fao. Country profile on social, economic and political indicators based on the ffp failed states index. Egypt, where the army has ousted islamist president mohamed morsi, has been rocked by massive political protests, an economic crisis and security problems. This page is best viewed in an uptodate web browser with style sheets css enabled. Islmun egypt country profile january 2018 1 arab republic of egypt country profile generic area area information physical geography maritime borders with jordan official name of country arab republic of egypt location of country north africa size of country 1. Spoken language are modern standard arabic, colloquial language is the egyptianarabic dialect. Egypt united nations economic commission for africa. Egypt is the driest country in africa with an annual precipitation of. Food and agriculture organization fao of the united nations using 20 data, the last year with all data available in march 2018 notes. Religious intolerance has grown in the past twenty years, resulting in many christians fleeing the country, especially to the united states.

The mediterranean coast basin, covering 65 568 km2 6 percent. It has the sixth largest proved oil reserves in africa. On behalf of save the children swedens regional office for the middle east and north africa, i am happy to introduce you to one of the key components of the manara project, the country profile, a report highlighting the commendable practices implemented by government, civil society parents, nongovernmental organisations. United arab emirates, july 2007 2 centuries afterward was embroiled in dynastic disputes. The reforms have been sustained until now until the global crisis and the government has established a solid track record as one of the champions of economic reforms in the middle east and north africa region mna. Pdf egypt is the most populous arab country with, as of december 2015, 90. The famed nile river was the host of one of the early four civilizations, and the country has since retained rich cultural artifacts as well as garnered a new position as the connection between africa and the middle east. Box type 3 23f50f expansive demolition grout for concrete rock breaking and removal. Dec 07, 2012 persecution has included beatings, killings, attacks on religious institutions, and the abduction of coptic women. Egypt s macroeconomic situation has improved markedly since the initiation of the authorities reform program in november 2016. All best fitness is here 20 h urghada, egypt muslim girl in hijab on july 08, 20. Saudi arabia, september 2006 3 nineteenthcentury arabia.

Country information reports are prepared by the department of foreign affairs and trade dfat for protection status determination purposes only. The nile delta of egypt, irrigated by the nile river and its many distributaries, is some of the richest farm land in the world and home to over half of egypt s population. Egypt is located in the continent of africa, neighboring ethiopia and libya as well as the mediterranean sea. The country s primary water source is the river nile. Habitat egypt offers housing loans to families in need, ranging fromegp8,000to egp18,000. References summary egypt has entered the fourth year of a period of political instability unheard of since its independence, after massive demonstrations denounced the deeprooted system of corruption plaguing the country and. The urban population, in particular, is expanding very fast the share of the population living in urban areas rose from 19 per cent in 1999 to 32 per cent in 2009. This profile contains a general overview and information on the security situation, politics, economy, culture and foreign relations. Please note the use of a photograph of any girl or woman in this country profile does. Includes country demographics, geography, government, economy, telecommunications, transportation, military, and transnational issues. They provide dfats best judgment and assessment at time of writing and are distinct from australian government policy with respect to the countries in question. Ppp country profile egypt legal structure, or reduce its capital unless there is an approval from the competent authority of the contracting administrative authority art. Egypt egypt is what most people call the country officially known as the arab republic of egypt. Termination of employment legislation digest country profile egypt information last updated december 2006.

Proportion of children and young people a in grade 2 or 3. Familiesusethisloansto build, repair and improvehomes. For the past century and a half, the suez canal has been a major conduit for international trade, including oil. Egypt country profile country facts capital main country facts population urbanization life expectancy unemployment rate population living below poverty line cairo fastest growing population in the arab world 86. The report provides a range of quantitative and qualitative information on a variety of national aspects, including geography, economy, education, demography, labour, political climate, infrastructure, industry, tax, trade, investment, and ease of doing business. In this episode i focus on the arab republic of egypt. In this view of egypt, we see a population almost completely concentrated along the nile valley, just a small percentage of the country s land area.

Most uae nationals are descended from two tribal groupings, the qawasim and the bani yas, which emerged as leading powers in the eighteenth century. Across the river from cairo one can see the three large pyramids and sphinx at giza. I have been to egypt three times, so i enjoyed making this video. Egypt ranked second for gdp composition by sector industry amongst heavily indebted countries in 2012. In egypt and somalia, the support for fgm was calculated among all girls and women, since respondents were not first asked whether they had heard of the practice. Egypt country profile 3 in 201617, the total enrolment at the k121 level amounted to 20. The country profiles produced by the enterprise analysis unit of the world bank group provide an overview of key business environment indicators in each economy, comparing them to their respective geographic region and group of countries with similar income levels. Following a sixyear period of egyptian interference, the al saud regained political control of the najd region in 1824 under turki ibn abd allah, who rebuilt. Box type 1 77f104f expansive demolition grout for concrete rock breaking and removal. Access the latest politics analysis and economic growth summary through 2011 for egypt from the economist intelligence unit. Without the nile river, all of egypt would be desert.

Lying astride trade routes linking west, east, north and south, egypt has long been at the heart of regional and global commerce. The same topics are covered for all countries with slight variations of indicators. Today egypt has a well developed and still rapidly growing organic sector. Save the children sweden bureau international des droits. The fao country profiles collects information from the entire fao website and provides a fast and reliable way to access country specific information with no need to search through individual databases and systems. Habitategyptbelievesin the importanceof thecontinuityof the program. About 24548 hectares of land are under organic management, accounting for 0. It is richly endowed with natural resources fertile plains of the nile valley, coal deposits, oil and gas resources and benefits from a central location for international.

Egypt does not have a homepage for their permanent mission to the united nations. We read every letter or email we receive, and we will convey your comments to cia officials outside opa as appropriate. For centuries, its northern city of timbuktu was a. Please note that this country profile might not reflect the current state of the law on termination of employment. Country profile of egypt bureau international des droits des enfants. The second step involves a comparison of the countries covered in the initial study to identify the general success factors that will allow and the barriers that could hinder accelerated development of the cdm in the region. Environmental action plan of egypt and the egyptian national environmental strategies.

This country profile compiles information from the who atlas survey on resources for the treatment and prevention of substance use disorders, and from other sources of data. Tanzania is home to two renowned tourism destinations africas highest mountain, kilimanjaro, and wildliferich national parks such as the serengeti but has become a target for poachers. A second series of country profiles is being published on the occasion of the world summit on sustainable. Country profile egypt egypt at a glance demography with a growth rate of 1. Botswana, one of africas most stable countries, is the continents longest continuous multiparty democracy. As you can imagine, with such a name, arabic is the official language, however english and french are widely understood too. Poverty from 1990 to 2000 the country reduced the proportion of people living in poverty significantly, from 25 per cent in 1990 to 16. Morocco is a major source for cannabis, of which several hundreds tons reach mainly european markets every year. Egypt represents an excellent opportunity for investors and. Our full profiles are only available to capa members. The egyptian terrain consists of a vast desert plateau interrupted by the nile valley and delta, which occupy about 4 percent of the total country area. In july 2007, egypt became the 40th country to adhere to the oecd declaration. Manara project, the country profile, a report highlighting. Library of congress federal research division country profile.

Each country profile is based on information updated from that. Egypt economy, politics and gdp growth summary the. The nile basin, covering 326 751 km2 33 percent in the central part of the country in the form of a broad northsouth strip. It also includes a direct link to the country website for indepth information. Each profile offers comprehensive news and analysis, as well as the ability to drill down into data on schedules, capacity share, fleet, traffic, financial results and more. Thanks also go to malcolm crawford for volunteering his time as proof reader. Cairo, the capital of egypt, is one of the most populated cities in africa and the middle east. In egypt, the fertile nile delta is responsible for most of the country s agricultural output. Box type 2 50f77f expansive demolition grout for concrete rock breaking and removal. Egypt is a country with a predominantly muslim population, about 87% of egyptians are sunni muslim. Today, however, the regime has left behind it multiple political and social cleavages as a heritage that will not be easy to overcome. The egyptian government has also made it difficult for muslims to convert to christianity.

Since the appointment of a reformist government in july 2004, egypt has embarked on a reform path. Egypt while best known for its pyramids and ancient civilizations, egypt has played a central role in the political situation within the region in modern times. A civil society for childs rights was designed and has been implemented by save the children sweden in a time when the middle east has experienced an arab spring. Country profile egypt summary of mpower measures in egypt m p o w e r monitoring smokefree policies cessation programmes health warnings mass media advertising bans taxation cigarettes less affordable since 2008 3 7 77. Over the last 15 years, egypt has been undergoing a transformation into a marketoriented economy. Egypt ranked first for fertilizer use amongst muslim countries in 2000. Egypt is a diversified middleincome economy and one of the most developed and dynamic economies in north africa and the middle east. The nile enters egypt from the sudan and flows north for about 1545 km to the sea. For updated information, you are invited to consult the eplex database. Our partner, the egyptian coalition for the rights of the child eccr, was key in producing this country report, a. Flowing northwards through 11 african countries, the nile measures 4,358 miles6,853 kilometers in length and is considered the longest river in the world. Its three wars with israel in 1948, 1967 and 1973, then its eventual peace with its adversary in 1979, have seen egypt move from being a warring nation to become a key. Problems with this have been stimulating a rising interest in organic production ifoam 2003. It is informed by extensive consultations with the government, private sector, academia, civil society organizations and youth groups.

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